Interior Design in the Greater Salt Lake Valley

Color Changes Everything

Be Daring with Color!
A room can feel very safe and predictable in mono-chromatic tones.  Why not punch in some fun purple, chartreuse or fuscia as an accent?  This can be accomplished by painting an accent wall, adding pillows, a rug, a lovely vase or wall art.
If you are concerned that you will tire of the accent color.  It is best to follow the following three tips for bold colors.
1.  Make your upholstered pieces of furniture (sofa, chairs, chaise lounge a solid neutral fabric). Think of the upholstery as a nice black dress, and the punch of color as the jewelry. Bold colors, like jewelry are best used sparingly, to create the most drama.  Less is more.
2.  Balance bold colors with relief for the eye, such as white, calming blues, or beige as seen in the above picture.  The white will provide the perfect visual balance to the bold colors. Any of the decor can be the lighter color... the walls can be white or cream, or the lamp shades, upholstery, or area rug to fit this need.
3. Place a few pieces around the room with the accent bold color in order to lead the eye around the room.  This is very pleasing to the eye, and will draw you into the space. In the above room this wall is the pop of bold color introduced in the space.  Though the color red is a very loud color, the art work of the calming landscape relaxes the bright accent wall, making the room more inviting and comfortable.  The rest of this room only has a few accent pieces of red.  This one wall arrangement is the focal point and the wow factor in this family room.
The main key to remember, a light hand with bold color.  Go for it, and see how good you feel when you enter the room.
*A fun fact:
Red Color Meanings and Associations:
Warm, stimulate, assertive, exciting, strength, vitality, physical power, flatters skin color, advances, opulence, power, arouses, hot, passionate, rich, celebratory, luck, love, romance, courage, fire, vigorous, luxury, bold, brave, aids digrestion, increases strength. impulsive, extreme, athletic.