Don't forget the... Ceiling!

Monday, August 27, 2012

 When working on a design for a home it is easy to forget to look up and realize the ceiling is such a perfect place to put subtle design elements that will add SO MUCH more to your space!  This is a bead board ceiling recently put in one of my clients home.  Though it is all still painted white, the same color as the rest of the ceiling, this entry way is given such an elegant touch.  The simple lines of the bead board, the crown molding, the ceiling medallion and the contrasting crystal chandelier adds such a wow factor to this entry way!  An otherwise ordinary entry way was easily given this fabulous touch!
 The options are almost limitless for design styles to incorporate into a ceiling in your home.
Here are a few of my favorites!
 Coffered Ceiling
I mostly see this done with white on white.  I love the contrasting dark gray against the white beams.  Gorgeous, sophisticated and adds an updated feel tho this very traditional style.
 Ceiling Beams...
 This is probably my favorite.  It is a traditional, warming style, but the clean lines in the beams and the contrasting colors of the white paint and dark stain give such an updated, clean modern feel... the best of both worlds!
 Painted ceiling
I love this technique!  I love adding just a subtle color to my design to just give that added pop of color.  Keep in mind that using a soft pale color is best seeing as a dark one will make the space feel smaller.
Wood Paneled ceiling
Keep in mind this technique works best in a home with stone flooring.  Otherwise it will give off a cabin feel.


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