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Client Reveal: Paint, Pillows and a bit of Decor...

 I had another consult with a client of mine.  I had done a "room re-design" over a year ago.  She was ready to paint and add some design elements to polish her family room.  She did the "One Hour Fix", I basically gave a one hour consult of things she could finish on her own.  A great option for those who don't want to spend a lot on a room.
 The paint color we chose was Lowe's Oyster Shell.  Its a really warm "greige" color.  It is a cooler beige with a hint of gray to it.  It is a was a perfect color to add to this room.  We put up cream linen curtains with black details, which are a perfect shade against the walls.
  The pillows chosen are mixed up of nuetrals with pops of red, paired perfectly with their olive courteroy sectional.  The fun sunburst mirrors add a perfect amount of light to the focal wall, adding the right amount of pop with out being overwhelming to look at since its on the tv wall.  A new entertainment stand was purchased that is the perfect scale and size for the recessed wall.  We also didn't paint inside of the recessed area to add a little bit of interest.  Had we painted inside it would have felt a lot darker.  Its a nice contrast.  
My client found a new fish tank in a nice black color.  It was a lot cleaner look than the oak one that they had.  And moving it into the corner serves as a pretty detail and also light in that darker area.         
Mrs. G also needed an area for her desk and computer.  So it was angled in the corner and fits perfectly in the unused area of the family room.  
I really love this room.  It is so calm and inviting, I know I'd want to plop down on that comfy sofa and watch a movie!  Thankyou Mrs. G for allowing me to come decorate another room of your beautiful home!

 This is the before picture when I did the room re-design.  I had taken pieces she already had to make the room more eye pleasing and functional. But as you can see by the above picture, its nice to spend a little bit of money on paint and decor perfect for this space.  It is polished and finished now, and I know my client loves her new family room!