Interior Design in the Greater Salt Lake Valley

Client Reveal: Lovely Piano Room

I had the fun opportunity to stage this beautiful piano room.  Mrs. C's handy Dad made these gorgeous custom bookcases.  There is a bead board accent on the back of the shelves in a glaze finish.  That little bit of pizaz does so much for the otherwise ordinary bookcase, making them extraordinary!
She mainly needed my expertise on organizing the bookcases in an eye pleasing fashion.  I suggested the subtle turquoise accent in the room making a fresh approach to a very formal red black and white.
Staging the bookcase was so much fun for me.  My client may have thought I was a tid bit OCD when I was stacking the books by size, hard back or paper back and colors.  There is a method to my madness.  I like grouping the books mainly by color.  By doing so it makes a larger statement of whatever color of book it may be giving the shelves a more solid pleasing look.  There are subtle little things to do like that when staging shelves with books especially.
I have to say it was so rewarding finishing this staging and seeing these beautiful books displayed so thoughtfully.  This family adores the written word, and what a fantastic room to dedicate to such a wonderful passion they all share.