Interior Design in the Greater Salt Lake Valley

Master Bedroom Retreat

I LOVED decorating and staging this room.  It was a fun experience, Mrs. A, was actually out of town when I put the room together.  I loved the result. She had the rose picture made for her by her mother in law and it was the inspiration for the entire room.  I loved finding the delicate, traditional pieces to make this room have a calming, romantic, retreat like feel.  I am a fan of red, and I love how the pops of this rich color are spread throughout the room with out feeling too overwhelming. And I have to say my favorite part of the room is the night stand arrangements.  The mirrors behind the lamps give such an awesome effect.  I LOVE that and I'm sure I'll be doing that in more of my designs.  
This was the before picture.  We pretty much just took the bones and made a change to everything else, from the finishes on the dressers and frames (we painted them a satin nickel finish) and picked out all the finishes to makes the room flow and tie all in together.
I love this view of the room.  I love the way the red curtains drape to make such a romantic feel.