Interior Design in the Greater Salt Lake Valley

Little Girl's Bedroom

This is my little girl's room.  She is a 2 year old going on 12 so this is very fitting for her.  I love this room most because, yes it is my little girls, but a lot of my child hood keepsakes are displayed in here.  I really only spent around $50 on this room besides the wall paint.  Everything was a hand-me-down, from the furniture to the shelf, to the bedding (that actually was mine at my parents house.)  The only items I bought was the head board for $10 on ksl and painted it black, a few decorations and the curtains.  I'm telling you, spray paint can do wonders to items around your house that you are not using!  Decorating kids rooms is one of my favorite challenges.  I love getting to know their little personalities and making a room their own!  This room totally reflects my little girls to the "t".

This was the room staged as her nursery.  It's fun to see how much just the furniture color can change the entire mood of the room.