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Client Reveal: Navy Infused Living Room

I am SO thrilled to be showing you this living room reveal today!  Goodness, it was such a pleasure to design!  We took it from an ordinary room to a room that is infused with color and personality while still keeping a bit of sophistication.  Its now the perfect first impression for my clients home.
As soon as she let me know that she watned me to work on this one I immediately asked if she was afraid of dark walls.  She looked at me a little hesitantly and said it depends on which shade I'd suggest.  She loves any shade of blue so navy wasn't too scary for her.  I found the perect shade, in my opinion, for a wall... Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  She didn't hesitate and had this shade painted within a few days of me suggesting it.  What a DRAMATIC difference this made for the space!!!
She was curious if she needed to replace her sofa and accent chairs.  I hate to have clients get new big purchase items if this can be avoided so I said we could keep them and just work them into the design.  They are a great neutral fabric and adding the blue and green patterned throw pillows dressed them up in just the right way.  The seating now became an after thought.  Mission accomplished.

The room is pretty narrow so I knew a coffee table wouldn't work.  But had the idea to throw two poufs in the room.  The family moves them to where they need to kick their feet up and now this room is a relaxing space to read a book, or take a nap. ( I've got proof of the napping in this space! :)
The focal point of the room if for sure the piano wall.  This canvas art from World Market ads just the right amoung of personality to this wall.  The sconces are the perfect touch to make the wall have depth, and are so functional providing light for their piano players.

This picture wall was a blast to do!  I took some time hanging these bad boys, and it was so worth the time!  We framed some family pictures in black and white.  That way the photos dont compete with the room design at all, but adds a senimental touch to the space.

I just love the way the rug has grounded the design and plays off of every thought out detail in the space.

 Here are the befores of the room. The color wasn't a bad choice, but I just knew that a dark wall color with the white chair rail would just add the right amount of drama and sophistication to the room.  The result and finished product is perfect and the perfect first impression to the rest of the main level.  Stay tuned for next week when I reveal the foyer make over and the family room make over.
Thank you for taking the time to check out this design.  If you are intersted in my design services just send me an email
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Have a great day!