Living Room Plans using iHomeRegistry

Friday, July 01, 2016

I wanted to share the progress of my living room with you today and the plans for the other half of the room.  I love how its come together so far, and my gallery wall full of my favorite quotes make me smile every time I walk in the room.  I love the cool, soothing palette, and the tiny pops of color adding some personality to the design.
I have a piano on one wall, and have been going back and forth on whether to move my desk back into the room.  We moved it out back in December to make room for our Christmas tree, and I just haven't been able to bring myself to move it back into the space.  I'm not the tidiest person when it comes to my workspace... I always hated having it in my "first impression" room... So I think I've finally decided that I'm moving my desk into my basement family room so I can get work done there in a common space while my kids play.  I actually moved the desk during nap time today and I'm writing this post with the desk in the common play area and its by far the most convenient work space I've had!  
Here's the room when the desk was in it...

Here is the 3D design plans for the other two walls in the room.  Again, blew me away with their awesome website.  If you haven't signed up with iHomeRegistry yet, you must!!!  It's great for designers AND homeowners!  Homeowners can organize and store info on items they are thinking about buying for their home, connect with other homeowners and designers and use the 3D tool to make sure the furniture you are thinking of will fit the space well!
 This is my living room TO SCALE...  With the exact measurements of items in the space and the items I hope to put in the room.  I've already used the program for a few new design proposals I've been working on and my clients LOVE to see their room like this.  It makes going forward with the design process so much more comfortable for them, and puts them completely at ease.
I love that this tool is also avaible to those who aren't designers.  My dad is using it to save some money and do his laundry room plans himself... Its so easy to use, not to mention, pretty fun!  
Be sure to sign up while this amazing website is still free.

I plan on using General Finshes Java Stain to repurpose my piano.  There are so many knicks and dings on this from all the years of being used and I cannot wait to make this all new and beautiful with the stain!  My dad bought this piano for my mom as an anniversary gift and he's asked me to keep the integrity of the wood... it means so much to them.  Not to mention this is the piano that I learned on, and now my sweet  almost 7 year old is learning on. I can't wait to show you the afters.

 You can purchase General Finishes Java Gel Stain HERE.

I then plan on creating a ship lap accent wall on the piano wall.  There is no over head lighting so I will hardwire some sconces that will be turned on by a switch.  This will add so much to the room.  Those details with the focal point as my long time favorite antiqued brass round mirror and the accent wall will  surely make me one giddy girl.

I have my eye on this sconce.  You can hardwire this one, or just hang and plug in if you aren't wanting to commit to holes in the walls.
You can purchase it HERE.

On the wall opposite the sofa I plan on purchasing a console table with ottomans underneath for extra seating options.  I will move the turquoise lamps to this table and will have this painting on this wall.

Click on the links to Shop This Mood Board and the rest of the living room design!

Round Brass Mirror

Wall Sconce

Coffee Table

Round Accent Table


Canvas Art

Console Table


I cannot wait ot have the room complete!  I'll be sure to share it as soon as its done... Be sure to check out @studio7interiors on instagram for daily pics and progress photos!


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