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Follow Friday: Meet The Ninow's

I had to give a little shout out and a BIG thank you to this adorable and sweet couple, Ryan and Aubree Ninow.

I met this darling couple over a year ago through my Brother and Sister in law.  They were in their wedding party and it was such a good time getting to know Aubree.  She is such a fantastic hostess and party planner, the shower she threw was perfection at its best.  I totally appreciated every tiny detail, and I loved seeing what a genuine person and friend she has been to my Sister in Law!

They recently started a blog and Youtube channel and I couldn't help but subscribe! They are sharing everything from their travels from 24 countries around the world and Healthy food recipes that are easy to make. Aubree shares her tips and tricks on beauty and weekly videos about their lives. Ryan loves to capture special moments through a lens, and loves to edit and put together videos for people to enjoy! They are one of the cutest couples I've met and I love how they display their love and friendship so naturally on the camera.  The best part is knowing that this is them, they are real... totally authentic. They are seriously one to follow!

I recently had their help on a project in the works and Ryan did some videography work for me.  They were a BLAST to work with and made my camera-shy self feel so comfortable and at ease.  He did a fabulous job on the project, I'm excited to share it with you all soon!

If you are interested if having them be your videographer, contact them at: 

Follow their daily tidbits on Instagram: @TheNinows  

Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel: TheNinows

And check out their Blog: 
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 PS... they recently built this beautiful home and I just had to share a little bit with you!  They've got some great taste, and how perfect is this gallery wall!?
the ninows, dining room, bloggers, vlog, youtube, youtubers, kitchen, white kitchen, gallery wall