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Beddy's- Amazing bedding for Bunkbeds!

 Last Saturday I was huffing and puffing trying to put my girls freshly washed bedding on their beds.  Being 36 weeks pregnant on a top bunk trying to tuck layer after layer made me almost go into labor!  I gave up and jumped on social media to slow my heart rate down... ( I wish I was kidding, but I was exhausted!)  One of the first posts I saw was a friends referral to this amazing bedding company that is genius! An all inclusive bedding system that zips!?!  My heart skipped a beat as I checked out this companys website!  Basically you get one piece of bedding that acts as the bottom sheet, comforter and cozy top blanket... I ordered these asap and was so please with them in person!!!  Not to mention, my 3 and 5 year old girls have never slept more soundly!  Win win!!!

 My favorite part of these beddy's are the super soft mink inlay.  My girls actually hate sleeping with sheets.  They always will have me tuck their favorite fleece blankies on them before I put the sheet over them.  So you can imagine how happy they are with this cozy element of the bedding!
 I loved the morning after their first sleep with the beddy's... My 5 year old easily zipped up her bed and arranged the throw pillows in a jiffy, and I am so please with the fact that she gets the satisfaction of doing that simple chore to help me, and I get the satisfaction of seeing everything tucked and tidy!
 This is one product that I will continue to rave about!!!  The quality is outstanding, and the fact that its eye pleasing and oh so very practical makes it a win win in my book!

 Be sure to check out BEDDY'S (Bed Ease)
And the company has been super generous and has offered a discount to my readers for $40 EACH Beddy's purchase!  The code is STUDIO7, good through April 17th!