Interior Design in the Greater Salt Lake Valley

Fireplace Mantel

I recently had a great time helping Mrs. C decorate her fireplace mantel.  She recently bought a home and was able to gut the entire thing.  Her house is beautiful and I cannot wait to decorate each of her rooms.  The first project she wanted me to tackle was her very large brick fireplace.  It is the focal point of her 2 story family room.  Her favorite color is green, and she did not care to incorporate other colors in her very cool and calming palette of greens and neutrals.  She also is very clean, orderly and more of a minimalist.  She didn't want too much going on up there.  We decided on a clock for a different take of the very much expected picture on a mantel.  We had a great time finding these beautiful decorations!   The different colors of green add the needed dimension to this fireplace that she desired.  She and I just love the outcome and it was such a pleasure creating the flower arrangement for her and finding these great pieces!